• Document Preparation
  • Setup and Maintenance of Payment and Disbursement Records
  • Montly Statements
  • Late Notices to Sellers
  • Certified Default Letters to Delinquent Payors
  • Email Notifications of Payments Received on Accounts
  • Payments Processed and Disbursed as Instructed
  • Preparation and Distribution of IRS-Required Interest Statements
  • Setup and Maintenance of Impound Accounts for Taxes and Insurance
  • Notification of Payment Changes (Taxes, Insurance, and/or Interest Rate Changes)
  • Toll-Free Customer Service Line
  • Setup Automatic ACH Debit or Credit Payments to Your Bank Account
  • Accepting Payments Over the Phone using Your Checking or Savings Account Information
  • Consultations with Buyers, Sellers, Brokers, and Agents

Our Services Can Save You Time!

Taking on a mortgage or selling property on a contract can sometimes turn out to be a complicated and time consuming investment. You're responsible for handling all the details - obtaining payments in a timely manner, keeping accurate records, calculating interest and principal balances, depositing funds, paying any underlying obligations and complying with the IRS requirements. Our services can save you time, money, and the aggravation of managing installment payments on your real estate investment.

Contact us for help with Bond for Deed or Purchase Agreement contracts.

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"The professional and personal level of service we received from Ambassador Escrow was unbelievable."
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